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I am bored!

There’s too much snow and ice to go for a long walk. We’ve been every place that’s “inside” where I’m allowed to go.

And now Josie’s mom says that Josie limps for days afterwards every time we run, so I can’t play with her until she’s better! Worst of all, “getting better” might mean she has to have a Surgery on her knee! If that happens, we won’t be able to play until she’s recovered from the Surgery.

I could visit Puccini, but he doesn’t have a Fenced Yard, like Josie does, so we stay inside and have to put up with his nephew Fezzik, who’s a Briard and just a puppy and doesn’t have a lot of manners yet. He wants to be in on everything!

Hmm. Maybe I can teach Mommy a new trick. Anyone have any suggestions?


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