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My boots have been getting worned out, and they don’t always stay on if I play, but I just can’t walk around in this awful ice and snow we have now. I need something.

So yesterday, Mom took me to Penelope’s Pet Boutique. Penelope is a chihuahua, so she knows all about what little dogs like and need. And she employs very nice, very well-trained humans to run her store. I really like to shop there. We were looking for a different kind of boot for me, that Mom thought might be more comfortable for me and stay on better. They’re called Pawz, and I know some of my friends on Crush wear them and really like them. They’re really waterproof, and they let you feel the ground, so you can walk easier than in other boots.

For me, though, they were really hard to get on, and to get pulled up all the way, and then when I tried walking in them, they didn’t stay well on my back paws! I was sooo disappointed! No new boots!

But THEN, one of Penelope’s human staff told me that they had something else, something called Musher’s Secret. She said sled dogs use it, and she thought it would be easier for both me and Mom, and keep me comfortable in the snow and ice. So, okay, great, I’m expecting another, different kind of boot. Maybe these will fit better? But no! It’s not boots, it’s a stuff that Mom rubs on my paws. Sled dogs use it to protect their footsies when they’re running races in the ice and snow, and it’s also good in the summer, to protect against hot pavement!

So we decided to try it. Mom rubbed into my paws, on my pads and between them, and it felt really good going on. When we left the store, I thought it would be nasty without my boots, but it wasn’t! I was able to walk in the ice and snow and even slush, and it didn’t feel bad! The staff lady told Mom that she should put more on me when we got home and we could sit on the couch and to it proper, and then twice a week. We put more on before my bedtime walk, and then went out, and everything was okay!

I think I’m gonna like this stuff.


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