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Such a long, exciting day!


At the Pet Expo

It all started with Mom giving me a bath, which really, I didn’t think was strictly necessary. Then Mom packed up a bunch of our stuff–even my crate!–and we went for a ride in the car.

First stop was at the New England Pet Expo, That turned out to be a great big room in some place called the Shriners Auditorium, filled with all sorts of people and dogs and toys and treats! People kept saying how pretty I am, of course, and giving me treats. We met a man who knows Fezzik’s dog-momma’s humans. Then we met a friend of Mom’s that she hadn’t seen in a while, and a friend of hers who was there with an Aussie puppy. We were all standing around chatting, when–I can hardly believe this even now–another woman started talking to us, and she’s a groomer. The next thing I knew, I was up on a grooming table, having my toes cut off! And then my feet! Mom claims that woman just trimmed my toenails and my pad hair, but I know what happened to me!

After that horrid experience, we finally left, and took another car ride. We went to a really unfamiliar place, but when we got there, Kate and Tom were there! Tom lets me sit on his lap, and he gave me yummy meat called hottogs, or something like that, once. Kate’s nice too, though she does tend to agree with Mom about Rules and things. Guess what! It turns out there are three big dogs that live with them, called “greyhounds.” We all went for a walk together. Kelso and Angus are nice. I’m not completely sure about Poppet; I don’t think she altogether approved of having another girl around.

Then Mom set up my crate and stuff in an upstairs room in kate and Tom’s house, and gave me three kongs to work on–and left! Mom and Kate left! Tom stayed, though, and he made sure my water bottle was full, and gave me treats, and took me for a walk. I got to have a nice chat with Angus, too.

Finally, Mom and Kate came back, and now Mom and I are in bed together, while I work on this post. I guess we’re spending the night here. So much stuff in one day!


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