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I expected a dog! That makes sense, doesn’t it? I’m sure she said a dog! And she even said we had to go to the shelter together to meet my foster brother there. I was right to expect a dog, right?

I even met a bunch of dogs this morning, and they were nice. I would have liked to play with some of them, but I didn’t get to. But Joleen and Patricia, who seemed nice, well, they told us that all the dogs that were still there were going home with other people. Unless of course we wanted to take a really big dog, almost as big as Mom, who would have taken up all the space on our bed… Mom said we couldn’t. I was glad about that, at least.

But guess what! They asked Mom if we could take a cat. Some weird kind of cat, too, called an iso kitten. His name is Jack, and he’s really little, and he’s using my old plastic crate and he’s staying in the back room. I don’t even get to play with him! Anyway, I did make Mom take some pictures:


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