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I’ve always thought bikes were pretty scary things, and I bark and bark at them to make sure they don’t try to attack Mommy. Yeah, that’s it, I’m doing it to keep Mommy safe!

But last night, on our late walk, we saw a bike–and the person on it turned out to be a nice man who sometimes gives me treats! And he spoke to me! While the bike was still moving! I didn’t know that could happen! I was so astonished, I stopped barking, and wagged my tail about him!

Then today, we were walking, and we saw a boy on a bike! He went by, but he saw me, and came back to say hello, and he wanted to see my tricks–how scary can a bike be, if such a sensible young man is riding one? And he was only little; if they were dangerous, his mommy wouldn’t let him be out on it, would she?

I’m going to have to give this a lot of thought.


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Not outside, I don’t know why she won’t fix it outside, but, finally, she made the bedroom cool again. Some strange man came, and did stuff with our tvs and phones, and he helped Mom move that big white thing into the window, and now we’re sleeping in a nice, cool bedroom again!

Friday, before she fixed things, we went and spent most of the day in the clubhouse, and it was nice and cool there, too. A bit weird, though. Usually when we go to the clubhouse, there are lots of people there, but this time, we were all alone. I don’t know why more people didn’t come to share the cool.

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Every time I thought Mom was better, she wasn’t. And now she sleeps with some funny kinda mask on her face, it looks almost like the head halter I used to wear when I was too scared to do with just a collar or a harness, and sleeps a lot quieter now. And straight through!

It’s been awful sticky hot here, and neither one of us has like that. My kitty sister Aquavit is okay with it; she says she’s Warm Weather Creature, and besides it’s cooler in the cellar and I should try hanging out there if I’m hot. But the cellar is at the other end of the cellar stairs, and I don’t trust those things. They go underground. How can you trust that? But Aquavit says that’s the whole point. Cats are weird!

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