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I’m in the newspaper!

Mom says I shouldn’t brag, but I reeeaaally want to share this with my friend who might not see it otherwise! Yesterday afternoon, we went to the Calvary Church Pet Ministry Thanksgiving service, and there were these people called “reporters” there, and they wanted to meet me and take my picture! They took pictures of other doggies, too, for some reason. There was one German Shepherd I thought was a little rude, because he walked up to me and barked at me, but Mom said we have to be Patient and Understanding because he’s a War Veteran. His name is Nibbles and he served in someplace called Iraq, and Mom says that war was really hard on everyone who served in it. His picture is in the story, too. Well, a little bit more prominently than mine, for some reason. Mom says that War Veterans deserve extra attention, and I can’t expect Cute to win out every time. Why not, I ask you, why not? Oh, and you can see me in the video that’s attached to the story, too. Anyway, here’s a link to the story–and no, I don’t know who Fido is. I don’t think I met him.

A prayer for Fido: Pet lovers flock to Danvers church for monthly service with pets


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Mom told me that my Fans are pining for news from me, and I thought I would tell you about my latest visit to the nursing home. I thought we would just be visiting like usual, but there was a new dog with us. She’s New, this was her first time visiting a nursing home, and I had to help show her how we do things.

Her name is Princess, and she’s a Golden Retriever. She’s not a real princess, like me, of course; it’s just her name. But she’s a very nice girl, and she likes human peoples, and she wanted to help. First I had to ‘splain to her that even though the nursing home smells a little bit like a V-E-T office, it’s not one, not for us and not even for the humans, so we don’t have to worry about getting poked and stuck while we’re there.

Then there are the wheelchairs and the things they call “walkers.” Princess didn’t quite know what to make of those. I told her how great they are, they help humans who can’t stand on their own stay in a position where it’s easy for us to get close to them, give them kisses, and be petted. This is actually even more important for Big Dogs like Princess than for normal-sized dogs like me, because I can get up on beds with people, and Princess is just too big for that. Once she understood that, she was totally okay with wheelchairs and walkers!

There are also sometimes Alarms, but they’re not really alarms. They’re just Signals to the Staff that they need to go do stuff. Even though they sound kinda scary at first, they’re really all right, and the worst thing that they ever mean is that sometimes we need to skip one room and visit those humans next time.

I helped Princess learn all this stuff, and took her around and introduced her to all my friends. They were all happy to meet her, and they were polite, too. They didn’t say a word about Princess being so Big, so that she wouldn’t be embarrassed.

All in all, it was a good visit, and I hope Princess comes next time, too.

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