At the Pet Expo

It all started with Mom giving me a bath, which really, I didn’t think was strictly necessary. Then Mom packed up a bunch of our stuff–even my crate!–and we went for a ride in the car.

First stop was at the New England Pet Expo, That turned out to be a great big room in some place called the Shriners Auditorium, filled with all sorts of people and dogs and toys and treats! People kept saying how pretty I am, of course, and giving me treats. We met a man who knows Fezzik’s dog-momma’s humans. Then we met a friend of Mom’s that she hadn’t seen in a while, and a friend of hers who was there with an Aussie puppy. We were all standing around chatting, when–I can hardly believe this even now–another woman started talking to us, and she’s a groomer. The next thing I knew, I was up on a grooming table, having my toes cut off! And then my feet! Mom claims that woman just trimmed my toenails and my pad hair, but I know what happened to me!

After that horrid experience, we finally left, and took another car ride. We went to a really unfamiliar place, but when we got there, Kate and Tom were there! Tom lets me sit on his lap, and he gave me yummy meat called hottogs, or something like that, once. Kate’s nice too, though she does tend to agree with Mom about Rules and things. Guess what! It turns out there are three big dogs that live with them, called “greyhounds.” We all went for a walk together. Kelso and Angus are nice. I’m not completely sure about Poppet; I don’t think she altogether approved of having another girl around.

Then Mom set up my crate and stuff in an upstairs room in kate and Tom’s house, and gave me three kongs to work on–and left! Mom and Kate left! Tom stayed, though, and he made sure my water bottle was full, and gave me treats, and took me for a walk. I got to have a nice chat with Angus, too.

Finally, Mom and Kate came back, and now Mom and I are in bed together, while I work on this post. I guess we’re spending the night here. So much stuff in one day!


I expected a dog! That makes sense, doesn’t it? I’m sure she said a dog! And she even said we had to go to the shelter together to meet my foster brother there. I was right to expect a dog, right?

I even met a bunch of dogs this morning, and they were nice. I would have liked to play with some of them, but I didn’t get to. But Joleen and Patricia, who seemed nice, well, they told us that all the dogs that were still there were going home with other people. Unless of course we wanted to take a really big dog, almost as big as Mom, who would have taken up all the space on our bed… Mom said we couldn’t. I was glad about that, at least.

But guess what! They asked Mom if we could take a cat. Some weird kind of cat, too, called an iso kitten. His name is Jack, and he’s really little, and he’s using my old plastic crate and he’s staying in the back room. I don’t even get to play with him! Anyway, I did make Mom take some pictures:

I’ve always thought bikes were pretty scary things, and I bark and bark at them to make sure they don’t try to attack Mommy. Yeah, that’s it, I’m doing it to keep Mommy safe!

But last night, on our late walk, we saw a bike–and the person on it turned out to be a nice man who sometimes gives me treats! And he spoke to me! While the bike was still moving! I didn’t know that could happen! I was so astonished, I stopped barking, and wagged my tail about him!

Then today, we were walking, and we saw a boy on a bike! He went by, but he saw me, and came back to say hello, and he wanted to see my tricks–how scary can a bike be, if such a sensible young man is riding one? And he was only little; if they were dangerous, his mommy wouldn’t let him be out on it, would she?

I’m going to have to give this a lot of thought.

Not outside, I don’t know why she won’t fix it outside, but, finally, she made the bedroom cool again. Some strange man came, and did stuff with our tvs and phones, and he helped Mom move that big white thing into the window, and now we’re sleeping in a nice, cool bedroom again!

Friday, before she fixed things, we went and spent most of the day in the clubhouse, and it was nice and cool there, too. A bit weird, though. Usually when we go to the clubhouse, there are lots of people there, but this time, we were all alone. I don’t know why more people didn’t come to share the cool.

Every time I thought Mom was better, she wasn’t. And now she sleeps with some funny kinda mask on her face, it looks almost like the head halter I used to wear when I was too scared to do with just a collar or a harness, and sleeps a lot quieter now. And straight through!

It’s been awful sticky hot here, and neither one of us has like that. My kitty sister Aquavit is okay with it; she says she’s Warm Weather Creature, and besides it’s cooler in the cellar and I should try hanging out there if I’m hot. But the cellar is at the other end of the cellar stairs, and I don’t trust those things. They go underground. How can you trust that? But Aquavit says that’s the whole point. Cats are weird!

Well, this morning was pretty horrific! And last night wasn’t any fun, either.

Last night, we went out for my late potty walk, and it was pretty slippery. Well, actually, once we got onto the little street where I usually potty, it was totally slippery. I was sliding, and Mommy had a hard time not falling. I found a spot to pee, but I just couldn’t find a safe space to poop, and I had to use my ‘mergency poop spot, in the same little room that Mommy does her pottying in.

I hate having to do that. It is so embarrassing.

So I was really looking forward to a decent potty walk this morning–and guess what! It was even worse! I couldn’t even get Mommy off our own property without her falling! It was scary! So we went back inside and had breakfast first, and waited until the sun Melted some of that Awful Stuff. Mom went outside without me, too, and Spread Stuff and Chopped. And then I finally had a decent potty walk!

Mommy said it was Brave and Noble of me to be so patient about waiting to potty.

She ran over and startled me when I wasn’t looking, so I woofed once. It turned out she hadn’t seen me, and she was startled, too! She was trying to get something called a “lollipop,” Mom says it’s special treat for small humans. The bank has them like they have treats for us dogs, and her mom had told her she could have one.

Anyway, after we both saw each other, Mom introduced us, and the little girl asked if I could do my Tricks for her. I did Sit and Down and Dance and Give Paw. She didn’t know the right hand single for Sit, but I have her credit for getting the word right, and Sat. And she didn’t know the right word for Dance, but she had the right hand signal, so I gave her credit for that, too. She really liked Dance, and had me show her mother how she could get me to do it–three or four times!

They both thought I was cute and friendly and smart, and they wanted to know more about me. It turns out they want to have a dog, but the mom is Allergic, so they were really interested to know that I Don’t Shed. Mom told them about Chinese Cresteds, and about a couple other breeds that are  cute and friendly and don’t shed–although of course not as cute and friendly as Cresteds!

It was a lot of work to do at the bank, but it was a lot of fun.

That’s what Mommy says it is. I’ve heard other humans call it the Snowpocalypse. And some say we’ve moved to someplace called Snowstormistan. That can’t be right, though; we haven’t moved. I’d have noticed, really I would have. We’re in the same house, and the same neighborhood is outside, UNDERNEATH ALL THE SNOW!!!!

The only fun part of this morning’s walk was when Mommy fell face down in a snowbank.

I saw on tv that someone named Punxsutawny Phil, I guess he’s a Groundhog who’s famous for knowing about Seasons, says we’re going to have an Early Spring. I hope he’s right. I can’t take much more of this, and I don’t think Mommy can, either!

So, the next question is, how reliable is this Phil guy?

There’s too much snow and ice to go for a long walk. We’ve been every place that’s “inside” where I’m allowed to go.

And now Josie’s mom says that Josie limps for days afterwards every time we run, so I can’t play with her until she’s better! Worst of all, “getting better” might mean she has to have a Surgery on her knee! If that happens, we won’t be able to play until she’s recovered from the Surgery.

I could visit Puccini, but he doesn’t have a Fenced Yard, like Josie does, so we stay inside and have to put up with his nephew Fezzik, who’s a Briard and just a puppy and doesn’t have a lot of manners yet. He wants to be in on everything!

Hmm. Maybe I can teach Mommy a new trick. Anyone have any suggestions?

My boots have been getting worned out, and they don’t always stay on if I play, but I just can’t walk around in this awful ice and snow we have now. I need something.

So yesterday, Mom took me to Penelope’s Pet Boutique. Penelope is a chihuahua, so she knows all about what little dogs like and need. And she employs very nice, very well-trained humans to run her store. I really like to shop there. We were looking for a different kind of boot for me, that Mom thought might be more comfortable for me and stay on better. They’re called Pawz, and I know some of my friends on Crush wear them and really like them. They’re really waterproof, and they let you feel the ground, so you can walk easier than in other boots.

For me, though, they were really hard to get on, and to get pulled up all the way, and then when I tried walking in them, they didn’t stay well on my back paws! I was sooo disappointed! No new boots!

But THEN, one of Penelope’s human staff told me that they had something else, something called Musher’s Secret. She said sled dogs use it, and she thought it would be easier for both me and Mom, and keep me comfortable in the snow and ice. So, okay, great, I’m expecting another, different kind of boot. Maybe these will fit better? But no! It’s not boots, it’s a stuff that Mom rubs on my paws. Sled dogs use it to protect their footsies when they’re running races in the ice and snow, and it’s also good in the summer, to protect against hot pavement!

So we decided to try it. Mom rubbed into my paws, on my pads and between them, and it felt really good going on. When we left the store, I thought it would be nasty without my boots, but it wasn’t! I was able to walk in the ice and snow and even slush, and it didn’t feel bad! The staff lady told Mom that she should put more on me when we got home and we could sit on the couch and to it proper, and then twice a week. We put more on before my bedtime walk, and then went out, and everything was okay!

I think I’m gonna like this stuff.